What payments methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and Infinia Gift Card.

    Can I cancel my online order?

      By your request in writing we can cancel your online order if you will contact us within 30 minutes from the time of placing your order. Please send us all the details of your order by an email titled “ONLINE ORDER CANCELLING”.

      How do I know when my order ships?

        When your order ships, you’ll receive an email confirmation and estimated delivery date(s). You may also receive the tracking number(s).

        How do I track my order?

          When an order is shipped, we’ll update your account to show the tracking number(s) available, and send you an email with the same information. Using the tracking number(s) provided, you can follow the path of your order from our warehouse to your destination.

          What are the shipping, returns, and exchange terms?

            Unless some special terms mentioned in the description of the product, or at the check-out, please see our Shipping & Returns Policy.
            Please note that since we are a small designer company, with less resources than big corporations, and we buy fabrics & materials and produce according with the orders/ pre-orders placed from our customers, and sometimes we do highly customized products, unfortunately we cannot afford yet to offer terms as generous as we would like. Please note that returns might not be possible, but we will try our best to offer exchanges wherever possible (please see details/ follow steps as per our Shipping & Returns Policy).
            For any questions, concerns, or detailed information please contact our Customer Service at CONTACT US (

            How much heat jackets or other products with the heating system do provide?

              The heating system provides only COMFORT HEAT, it cannot replace your entire jacket insulation (you should need a huge and heavy battery for that convenience). But it offers a pleasant comfort in cold winters.

              Can the rechargeable battery of the heating system charge your phone or electronic devices?

                Yes, as long as your charging cable has a regular, standard USB at its end. Please contact us if any questions.

                How safe is the heating system inside the jackets or other products?

                  The heating system was tested and has certifications from the manufacturer. The heating system and the battery operates in the low voltage range, so it does not impose a safety issue for the body when used correctly. Please ensure you will detach the battery before washing the jacket.

                  You can ask us details about the technical specifications of the heating system, rechargeable battery, heating panels, etc.

                  What happens if the heating system does not work?

                    We will offer warranty for 1 year for the heating system. If for whatever reason the system does not work we will try to replace it at our cost.
                    Please contact Customer Service at the email or phone number provided on our website at CONTACT US.

                    How do I wash my down jacket?

                      For exact instructions please follow your care label instructions.

                      Generally you can wash your jacket by machine, at delicate settings, with cold or low temperature water. For dryer use delicate or low temperature settings (insert tennis balls or use a machine washing kit for down jackets, so the down dries and will be spread evenly), or better hang to dry/ dry flat so the fabric and the jacket will keep a better longevity. 

                      Though it is possible to machine wash your own down product, we recommend that you have your jacket professionally cleaned by a service that specializes in cleaning down with Tech incorporated in the jacket (professional dry cleaning service).

                      Where can I purchase Infinia Gift Card?

                        Please contact Customer Service at the email or phone number provided on our website.

                        Where can I find a store where I can buy Infinia products?

                          For inquiries in regards to where to find us please contact Customer Service at the email or phone number provided on our website at CONTACT US for a list of stores where we sell.

                          Other questions?

                            Please contactCustomer Service at the email or phone number provided on our website at CONTACT US.