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 “As a Fashion Professional and Business Entrepreneur I always liked to dress up trendy, stylish, and to look good in my outfits. And yet, throughout Canadian winters and when traveling during winter across the globe it was hard to find warm and beautiful clothing on the market", declared the brand’s designer and founder. "Whenever going to business meetings,  going out with friends, or going to party and having fun, every winter there was always the same dilemma: looking great and freezing, or looking ugly but being warm”, said the designer.  

The versatility, multifunctionality, and temperature difference between various environments were problems to address as well, and that’s how the idea of our signature and flagship product, the Infinia Smart Heated Down Jacket, was born. Since then we have constantly been looking to add new products and innovation to our designs and expand our line. We strive to deliver clothing and accessories that people love to wear every day.

Toronto Model Wearing the Latest Luxury Winter Down Jacket from Our Latest Collection



Model Wearing Trendy and Classy Cruelty Free Down Jackets from Infinia Apparel


Cosmina Vuscan is the Founder and the Creative Director of the Infinia Apparel brand. With over 20 years of international experience in fashion entrepreneurship, she has worked with global brands and multinational accounts in Canada, USA, Europe, China, Mexico, creating and developing quality products for top brands, chain stores, and North American big-box retailers.

Combining authentic design and craftsmanship with leading-edge technology, she considers that the next step in fashion is to use clothing and accessories as tech-enabled platforms for integrating seamless technology, providing comfort, convenience, and an improved quality of life. Infinia is the first step towards a future of customized fashion wearables, combining aesthetics with functionality and innovation, for versatile and beautiful lifestyles.



PASSION is why we are here, how it started, and what drives us. We put our mind and soul in everything we do.  

CREATIVITY is what sets us apart. We believe in originality and take pride in being different in a sea of “the same”.

EXPERTISE is what defines us as professionals, and we strive to achieve excellence in a global world.  

INNOVATION stays at the core of our designs & products. 

COMPASSION for people, animals, and the environment is important to us. We are respectful and grateful for what is offered to us and wish to contribute to positive changes that we believe in.

Look Dapper in Innovative Fashion Products for Men by Infinia Apparel
Lightweight Convertible Winter Jackets From Infinia Apparel


Our vision is to create innovative products, at the meeting point of fashion and technology, to improve people’s lifestyle.